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Receive greetings from the women's artisans cooperativa in Mexico

The collaboration of persons on important creative projects. is desired.

What is it about?

We have an some excellent novelas, written over years as language-learning exercises.
Beautiful and compelling stories; there is a place for you in the great success we expect.

We would like very much to produce, in various media, these stories
which star the campesina, the village woman, and women of Mexico.

It is "Azucena" - the story of a poor village girl who falls in love with a macho bullrider.

Please subscribe. You are invited to subscribe to "Azucena", to find out what this is about.
The best way to find out, is by subscribing to this scene-a-day presentation of "Azucena".

We have more stories coming :

For examples:

"Zenaida" leaves her village, going wetback to the United States
and ends up working as a maid for two neurotic love-starved sisters.


"Marisol", a musical comedy
about an innocent sweet singing village girl
who gets mixed up with a band of bus-robbers.

These love stories. are fated to achieve world wide popularity
for mexican women, in order to predispose jewelry prospects
to prefer our handcrafted jewelry and .925 silver jewelry products.

YOU can be part of this project and also share our success. Read on.
Right now we are seeking graphics, illustrating the scenes in Azucena.

You do NOT need to be an expert animator
you can be anyone who desires to show your work
we assure you that is great and we want those persons
who want to help us, and at the same time, to succeed.

You will please send to us as a jpeg or gif image, any illustrated scene of Azucena you have created.

If one of your images is added to our master archive
you merit a minimum of one creative product certificate.
You will be compensated by a minimum of ten creative product certificates
if on eof your images is chosen to be displayed as a primary
or an alternative illustration of Azucena in its scene-a-day presentation format,
in the case that one of your scenes is chosen to be included in a print version of Azucena
the value of the illustration would be a minimum of one hundred certificates.

We are creating graphics, evolving our digital novelas for scene-a-day presentations via e-mail,
als,o we are shooting the first experimental versions of our own independently produced movie.

We have diverse areas of work, musical, animation, video, audio, etc.
if you help us we can make a huge success of this project.
After all, we are mexican women and it is our time now
and we are putting heart in the forward motion of our project
we will be grateful for your help and your gracious collaboration.

Also you can profit, You do not have to work for free, although at the beginning
you will have to show us what is quality of your work illustrating the scenes of "Azucena".
We are will pay our collaborators with high-quality jewelry we make in our workshop;
special jewelry designs we will make for you to sell and make money. We will consult
with you beforehand in order to give a collectible item having the highest value to you.

You are going to be earning high-value collectible jewelry and other collectible items
included signed limited edition pieces, pieces you can sell via the internet to fans of comix.

Addistionally, as our creative collaborators you will receive
certificates of membership and participation in the formation
of a modern media company based in Taxco Guerero Mexico
dedicated to producing modern traditional music,
movies, and scene-a-day digital novels.

As a member of the Compania Taxco Media Moderna you will have rights to visit
or even to live in Art City, in the mountains of central Mexico where the neighbors
are working on movies and music and scene-a-day novelas to enjoy their lives
and to increase the value of the company by creating a series of giant successes!

The proceeds of our creative projects are going into building the City of Art
and you can be part of it if you want, all you have to do is to help us create
some great new media products, and a new kind of modern media company!

Come dedicate yourself with other artists in creating marvelous narratives,
and we will generate a fabulous success and make great careers for ourselves
and our children, with a product everybody wants, romantic love and illusions.

Tres Proyectos

Three Projects

1. Digital Novela * Scene-a-Day Digital Novel

2. Grabar Música * Produce and Record Music

3. Hacer Películas * Make Movies

Tres Centros de Beneficio
para la Membresía

Three Profit Centers of Benefit
for the Membership

1. Special Collectible Items for Collaborators to re-sell for Big Profit

2. Creativity Certificates for Collaborators Membership Association

3. Ciudad De Oro (para miembros) * City of Art (for members)

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