On this page will be presented images and description of Special Jewelry Collectibles
being offered to Creative Collaborators to this initiative. First we must do some research:
our original idea was to offer jewelry described in Japanese Comix, becasue the animators
we desire would be in this mileaux. Also our propsective collaborators would have an angle
of the market for certain special pieces that have a place within certain very popular stories.

We will open a forum devoted to the Special Jewelry Program for artistic collaborators
- this, at some time in the future

As soon as we come up with a good idea we will use this page to present a showcase letter
and presentation of images of the piece. You see, the collaborator will use this page to sell off of.
With a good product and a good web sales page collaborators will be selling $50 & $100 pieces.

Tres Proyectos

Three Projects

1. Digital Novela * Scene-a-Day Digital Novel

2. Grabar Música * Produce and Record Music

3. Hacer Películas * Make Movies

Tres Centros de Beneficio
para la Membresía

Three Profit Centers of Benefit
for the Membership

1. Special Jewelry for Collaborators to re-sell for Big Profit

2. Membership Certificates for collaborators association

3. Ciudad De Oro (para miembros) * City of Art (for members)

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