Project Goal 1: to preserve and add value to the local and regional,
cultural and artistic heritage, by supporting the veteran musicans, drama,
and dance masters, in a movie-making project with provincials and villagers
as actors, actresses, writers, dancers, directors, screen-editors, camerographers etc.

At the heart of this innovative project, is support for veteran Tasqueñan artists,
(older-generation artists and performers, who have a tremendous amount to offer)
to become involved in the artistic direction of the movie and to influence the youth
in the creation of commercial art products in the forms of popular music and movies.


Project Goal 2: to promote the image of the Mexicana worldwide, in such a way as
to increase her influence over the important questions facing humanity at this time.

To gain recognition of the mexicana village woman, in order that the artisan groups
will have other women all over the world pre-disposed to purchase their handcrafted fashion jewelry products; known to them, from their having experienced the novelas.

The long-term sought-after effect
with the publishing of these romantic love stories
is to *brand* the products of the local cottage craft industry
so they can be marketed more advantageously throughout the world.


Project Goal 3: to create a media industry in Guerrero: one that makes movies and
music and distributes these worldwide at a profit and employs hundreds of people
cottage-industry-style with no physical plant and everyone working out of their homes.

Movies can be made to be presented in the scene-a-day format, as light opera, etc.
Soap operas, movies... Mexico, photogenic, hallucenogenic. Wonderful love stories;

To create a film industry in Taxco that will provide an avenue of expression
for the artists in this city and will excellently complement existing industries
of fashion jewelry production, and .925 silver jewelry production, and tourism.


Project Goal 4: to offer the young people of Taxco a realistic hope that their optimism
will not be wasted on a failed world. There are many good young people; who got a reasonably good education from their parents,intelligent young people, respectful
and inquisitive. The talented and sincere youth of provincial Mexico, of Guerrero,
of Taxco are a treasure and so we want
to involve them in these diverse movie-making projects and music recording. The movie-making cottage industry project
is an economic development axis in the direction of artistic-economic renaissance.

Within the practical constraints of scene-making,
the veterans and youth create their art product
using the local culture and tradition as raw material.

The education and training of the most talented and motivated youth of Guerrero
as a required feature of a local music and movie making industry is project goal#4.


Project Goal 5: The media product specializes in english/spanish books, movies,
and audios that are designed to support the background language-learning course.

Learning a language is important to many people.

WHAT if you could learn a language
by watching a love story by experiencing the powerful emotions of romantic love
and learning the words people use
when they are involved with love in a Mexican village ???

The language-learning course is a value-added to the romantic love stories. So one
can enjoy them and tell oneself that it is educational; or, one can use them to learn ...


Project Goal 6: the rich folk musical tradition of southern Mexico is a national treasure, in Guerrero, the ballads collected in the mountaneous ravines, in ranchos and villages where
adversity breaking over the back of the rock spined sierra. The richness of folkloric dancing, the amazing and beautiful swirling and smiling, bright faced young men and young women
dancing with abandon, dancing with joyous happiness of attraction and of love.

This project brings into our own times the music of Raful Krayem (1909-1930)
Tasqueñan composer of many exquisite love songs , ...Mexican classical music.

Project Goal#6 is the continuation of this music as a model of good Mexican music
in contrast to the common trash poured out upon peoples ears by the mass media.


Project Goal 7: establishment of Academies of Camerography and Video Editing
In order that the youth of the towns of Guerrero, México, have career opportunities
with the capability of supporting families, they train in these two professional areas.