The story of the poor village girl who fell in love with a macho bullrider.

Project Goal 1: to preserve and add value to the local and regional,
cultural and artistic heritage, by supporting the veteran musicans, drama,
and dance masters, in a movie-making project with provincials and villagers
as actors, actresses, writers, dancers, directors, screen-editors, camerographers etc.

At the heart of this innovative project, are payments to veteran Tasqueñan artists,
(older-generation artists and performers, who have a tremendous amount to offer)
to become involved in the artistic direction of the movie and to influence the youth
in the creation of commercial art products in the forms of popular music and movies.

AZUCENA PART 1 "Azucena, Child"
AZUCENA PART 2 "Azucena To The Rodeo "
AZUCENA PART 3 "Azucena, In Love "

AZUCENA PART 4 "Azucena, Tormented "
AZUCENA PART 5 "Azucena and Alegunda "
AZUCENA PART 6 "Azucena, Abandoned "
AZUCENA PART 7 "Azucena, Loved "
AZUCENA PART 8 "Azucena, Insane "
AZUCENA PART 9 "Azucena, In Jail "

November 2006, Tecalpulco first shoot of Azucena - scenes 52 and scene 53

The Making of Azucena scenes 18-29 El Naranjo Guerrero 21 December 2006
filming at the feria scene 24 with the niece of the comisario of El Naranjo Guerrero
at a jaripeo in honor of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Here are some bullriding scenes from the event.
The Banda Rancherita of Tecalpulco was playing. Brave Bullrider Two "El Negro"
Brave Bull Rider Three has a very rough ride. Brave Bullrider Four. Brave Bullrider Five.
The Miracle, meeting with Chucho of the Banda Dominguera.

Here are some images of a bullrider named Yuma, a study model for Arturo.

SAMPLE SCENES IN THE MOVIE AZUCENA from the screen treatment

1 musical scenes - dance of the campesinas, returning to the village with washed clothes on their heads.

2. action scenes - Arturo's bull riding * scenes17 18 19 20 21 22 23 and scenes 236 237

3. lavadero scene - recreate the women washing at historic Guadalupe public washing place in Taxco

4. fiesta scene - patio of Tecalpulco village church, rockets, vendors, children, chile frito band, etc.

5. seduction scenes - Arturo meets Azucena and her friend Magda at the feria, and later in the Zocalo

6. dramatic scenes - the marriage proposal of Manolo, the professor's son, who falls in love with Azucena .

Azucena Reality TV Show Azucena Competition among Guerrero Mexico film-makers
village-based movie production teams inclding camerografers, directors, film and audio-editors and
actors and actresses, as well as script writers and editors. TV cable show format with a moderator
who plays the various scenic clips and makes her commentary giving an address for the on-line voting

Academies of Camerografia and Film Editing
the foundations of the new movie media industry of Guerrero
Local people are prepared for work as artisan technicians within our future music movie industry.

Bollywood Project
When the sample scenes and trailers are ready, contacting
movie and soap opera production companies in India offering to trade our script and support for training the young people of Taxco how to make a professional movie, to start a local film industry.

Azucena and Artcamp Romantic Novelas in Artcamp Language Learning Project
Artcamp's love novelas were born in language-learning exercises over the years as we have found
that the fastest way of learning a language is by translations back and forth between the languages
The novelas are designed to provide an attractive way for people to learn languages - for real.