DANZA * Dance

Folkloric dancing practice session at the Casa Borda in Taxco del Alarcón, Guerrero, México

Sweeping up the broken glass after the dance with Bottles and Glasses on the Head.


Miriam reads through the description of the scenes 52-53-54
where she will dance the part of Azucena.
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Azucena scenes 52-53-54

Tres Proyectos

Three Projects

1. Digital Novela * Scene-a-Day Digital Novel

2. Grabar Música * Produce and Record Music

3. Hacer Películas * Make Movies

Tres Centros de Beneficio
para la Membresía

Three Profit Centers of Benefit
for the Membership

1. Special Collectible Items for Collaborators to re-sell for Big Profit

2. Creativity Certificates for Collaborators Membership Association

3. Ciudad De Oro (para miembros) * City of Art (for members)

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