The story of the poor village girl who fell in love with a macho bullrider.
Music Notes scenes 17-18-19-20-21-22-23
Chile frito band La Rancherita is playing in the background intermittantly.
Fanfairs in between the announcer's pronouncements:

Music Notes scenes 52-53-54

The song Azucena sings to herself as she is washing the clothes
is the same radio song she is singing in Scene One (and in scene 240)
it is the same song that comes on the radio when she is combing her hair
in front of the mirror in scene 39 -

When the girls are walking back and she is singing a capella now in a larger voice, the sound of
Los Hilgueros of Tecalpulco enters the background and adds string base, guitar, and accordion.

Azucena does not miss a beat the intense joyous feeling she has, being young and alive and in love;
Los Hilgueros are playing that same radio love song, but it does not have a commercial sound now.

The girls who are with her, Arturo''s sisters, smile at her playfully stepping back and forward;
she smiles back; and so she steps backwards like they are doing, then stepping again forward.

The dance and play like that backwards and forwards challenging each other, moving along
foottracks worn into the sides of hills, different paths, some are above, and some are below.

The three little brothers run all the way ahead, then they run all the way back, gathering
together to look at something, then gamboling off, pulling out their slingshots and shooting
at birds and calling out to each other in the simple pleasure of being together on such a day.

They all dance the dance of innocent villagers until the bells of the church are heard and the
belltower comes into view ; the bells mark the fading of Los Hilgueros' song,
at the same time, distantly, the sound of the fiesta band is heard. Trio music fades
giving way to the far away sound of the brass band; the church bells are heard over it all
marking the transition from the sweets sounds of the acoustical trio song
to the ooom-pah strains of a chile frito band that has been drinking tequila since 5 in the morning.

The chile frito music is in the background as the camera slowly zooms in on a group of men
with sombreros and lighted cigarrettes, and before one can quite tell what they are about,

a series of 9 hissing sounds in heard followed by a silence,

then the sound of 9 rockets going off.

As the rockets explode, the chile frito band starts up again playing another song a classic song that is always played at mexican fiestas, and they are playing louder now, louder than the explosions..

END scene 54

Music Notes scenes 164-165-166

Music Notes scenes 236-237
Chile frito band La Rancherita is playing in the background