The exploitation of Third World craftspeople has gotten even more intense as the humanitarian fakers have stepped up their mindless self-interested elimantion of the authentic artisans out of the market alltogether! Meanwhile, hiding behind the contrived image of the third-world artisan family,  to sell their b.s. merchandise.

Traditional craftspeople are dependent on income they receive for their products,
and the artisans are the legitimate intellectual owners of the designs, NOT the shameless commercial dealers who just copy any design they want to have made elsewhere cheaper.
 The artisans are the owners of their own authentic identities and that of their families. The use of pictures of the children of craftspeople to suggest to prospective customers that these people will benefit from the sale, is the hijacking of personal identity for profit. Certainly, if these were rich, rather than poor, people, such fast-and-loose playing around with their personal images would not go unsanctioned.





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