You Fair Traders are cordially invited to come forward and ask to be removed from this banner. Only tell us how you benefit craftspeople. Please, I really want to hear from you.

This is the time for commercial dealers to speak up with their programs for benefiting craftspeople. Those who can not even come up with an elementary proposal or plan of action, we will put them down as the hoodwinksters, who should voluntarily remove themselves from Fair Trade, rather than exposing themselves to their own failure to explain how, and in what way, craftspeople are actually benefitted by their Fair Trade business.

It is for the good of all, that we clean out cases of wanton chicanary, especially when the “Fair Trader” is interfering with access to traditional markets of the authentic craftspeople of Guerrero. Any one who would defend their own Fair Trade commercial practices as being humanitarian in essence, are courteously invited to a public roundtable where the relevant proposition can be debated in detail, in an atmosphere of respectful discource.


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