December 1, 2018, Global Crafts Internet WebSite, a search for ‘jewelry’ turns up pieces that, strictly speaking, do not require an artisan or a silversmith to make. These are styles with little labor required, an uneducated refugee could make these or in an old folk’s home.

These are chinese parts and laser-cut sheet manufactured with costly industrial equipment.
Handcrafts and jewelry must be clearly distinguished from that ‘assembled’ cheapo-o stuff.
And that is part of Fair Trade rightly understood. It would not be very fair, would it? if the authentic traditional craftswomen whave to compete against chinese manufactures and little doo-dads a child could make. Fair Trade must sustain and improve our good name
and not contribute to the lowering of it’s perceived value by presenting this crappy stuff
alongside real jewelry without pointing out the fundamental differences in the two genres.



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