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Hola! I am Eusebia Flores of Artcamp and I desire to introduce you an unusual opportunity.
FIND OUT HOW your group, club, team, organization can profit with FAIR TRADE FUNDRAISERS
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Fair Trade Fundraising

Read on to discover the success of groups that have employed the New World Women Fundraising program…
Ideas Discover *exactly* how
can raise good money for its activities.

You will see how easy it is
to produce results in the form of money

…money for your group to spend
on its necessities, and what it wants.

FIND OUT HOW your group, club, team, organization can profit with FAIR TRADE FUNDRAISERS

Dear Friend,
Your club, school, team or organization needs moneyto support its activities and to buy things it needs. Ideas ExclamationsHow do we make a good amount of money?

How can we do it safely and easily?

How can we make it simple and fail-proof?
How to create secure fundraising income all year??
Graph is going upThe Artcamp fundraising program
is very simple and workable.You just show a sample selection so people can see the quality.

Then the customers can place orders using the CDROM catalog.CD Rom

We show you our price
– you tell us how to set the AODDM Shopping Cart calculator

and the customers can go to a site that shows the prices that include your profit margin
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I will say it again: your customers go to AODDM Shopping Cart site on the internet
where your prospects can easily navigate an extensive catalog of beautiful jewelry.

The prices that will appear will include your group’s profit margin (usually 50%)
as the people can choose the pieces they want adding them to the AODDM Cart.

If your real need is to make some money for your school, group, club, or for yourself,
this AODDM will help you. Fair Trade Fundraising is the new way to raise good money.




Has your attention been caught yet?

DO you want to have a direct connection
to a cottage-industry production group in Mexico
to underwrite the projects of your band, school, or team?

Hand ShakingComing TogetherOur interests come together very neatly here.
– the artisan producer and the local re-seller, wherever he or she is anywhere in the world Campesinas

FIND OUT HOW your group, club, team, organization can profit with FAIR TRADE FUNDRAISERS



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