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    Dec 13

    a mission-oriented community

    You can have a whole new life in Mexico
    and you can be a virtual member of this innovative colony.

    The village is devoted to scientific research
    and native healing methods.

    The is a bi-cultural experiment for mutual benefit.

    YOU can be there as it happens – and be part of this!


    This is like nothing ever seen on the Internet before;

    and there is nothing to compare it to either:

    This is a virtual introduction to a real-world

    Mexican international village intentional community.

    Are you sick of traditional medicine
    and the maladies of modern life?

    read this…

    You can have a new life if you want it
    and a part in a collaboration with the gentle,
    gracious, and smiling-eyed Mexican people

    If you are not yet free to visit,keep in touch
    and up to date on the project developments

    please act right away
    by registering your interest
    by subscribing to Healing Village
    for notifications and latest developments

    regarding this unique international
    non-traditional health and research project

    Elements of Healing Village

    Medical Research


    Intentional Community

    Language Laboratory


    Local Public Hospital

    Alternative Medicine

    Native Healing


    Temazcal Native Sweat Bath

    Nature Therapy

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One comment on “Mexico Natural Health and Healing Village

  1. DocMercer on said:

    Greetings to you, my sisters and brothers in Mexico.

    You have made such phenomenal progress with your projects. This one, The Healing Village, I did not know about.

    The nature and extent of your inclusions in your system of natural healing is actually somewhat surprising to me… a very nice surprise.

    While I knew about some of your challenges and undertakings and have been proud of your commitment, this healing village somehow strikes a deeper chord within me.

    The Healing Village is, I expect, much needed where you are and in many other places, too. Maybe some of those places can learn from what you do.

    Once again, I applaud your spirit, your vision and your persistence.

    I have received the Artcamp newsletter for quite some time. Now I look forward to receiving The Healing Village ezine, too.

    Thanks to all of you for being bold enough to be who you really are.


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