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    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village




    Dear Artcamp.

    I received the package yesterday, and am so impressed with the beauty and quality of everything! I can’t wait to display these on the website and in my store! Thank you so much,
    it has been such a pleasure dealing with you
    and I hope to do a lot more business in the future!

    Mazatec Gardens

    Houston Texas


     RAY PEAT’S CORNER …Estrogen, serotonin, mood, and aging. ….Effective treatments and cures for a great variety of problems–depression and aggression, inflammation and atrophy, dementia and movement disorders,shock and hypertension, reproductive disorders, immunodeficiency andtumors, etc.–are being ignored because of a failure to understand thenature of estrogen and serotonin. Commercial suppression of the fact regarding serotonin has been intricately woven into a defective view of human nature.

    Not long ago, there might have seemed to be some scientific value in refining the precision of diagnoses. Many people believed that every kindof infection, every kind of cancer, all the neurological and psychiatricproblems had to be distinguished from other varieties of sickness, so that a specific and effective treatment could be devisedfor each sharply defined medical condition….

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    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village
    Rancho Agua Bendita in Taxco El Viejo; only twenty minutes south of the famous silver city of Taxco, Guerrero, México
    Avaialable for conferences, seminars, or therapy workshops. EMail us about it.
    We are looking for an appropriate way in which to make this property available

    I have good news and good news.

    However, your thoughts, opinions and judgements
    may label both bad.

    The bad news is:
    A depression is coming and it’s not coming alone.

    Upon its heels, like a raging storm, comes chaos,
    in every form possible. Nothing can stop it.

    You will experience it.

    The good news is:

    You can prepare for it and mitigate its impact.

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    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing VillageHealing Village Editor Search .

    Artcamp Editorial
    is open to applications and suggestions
    of appropriate individuals to be considered
    as an Editor for Healing Village EZine.

    Applicants and nominees should be very interested in
    the themes of natural, aliopathic, and alternative healing.

    The artcamp cooperative is the publisher providing the
    medium of distribution of Wetback World EZine and
    will undertake to build the periodical’s subscriber level.

    We know the right Editor is out there and this project
    is so interesting and important to us that we are asking
    you to pass on the word and to help us find this person.

    Editors of Artcamp EZines have 100% editorial control
    also 100% Editorial control over the website that comes
    with it and Editor moderates Healing Village BBS forum

    We intend to support the Editor by helping bring together
    disparate elements that make up the Healing Village idea.

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    Taxco El Viejo
    Healing Village Resident
    Karen Buckstaff

    •   25 years of Health Care Experience
    •   10 years Professional Experience in Nursing Education
    •   Transcultural Nursing and Globalization of Health Care – Western and Non-Western CulturesKaren Buckstaff more

    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village


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