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    My name is Caroline Redington and I am an Argonaugt reader. I have perused the links St.Clair left for us on the Argonaut web-site. I am very interested in becoming part of this new future, and have been researching many options to consider for future reference. I am presently in the process of liquidating assets here in Canada and some abroad. My husband has a business here as well (automotive/mechanical) that he is currently looking at selling off as well. We have two beautiful boys (ages 10 and 8) and we have been structuring ourselves for early retirement in a “warm-weather” climate for a couple of years. We have been looking at a number of countries and since I learned about St.Clair’s information, re-locating to a future “safe-place” has obviously become part of our considerations. I come with a range of background and experience primarily with children. I have a Masters Degree in Educational Psychology and I retired from counseling in the school system in 1996 to raise my children full time. Since then I have done a lot of volunteer work in many areas. I also have some management as well as sales experience. Currently I have been involved in selling financial strategies to Canadians as it allows me the flexibility to be with my children as well as earn a reasonable salary. So I feel our family have skills and knowledge to contribute to a new venture.

    I would like to know more about your community and what kinds of skills and knowledge will be of use/are of need to this new community so that we can see how we can contribute. In the past the two main areas I had considered in terms of our “retirement” were a small Bed and Breakfast type Inn as well as the educational aspect (e.g., home-schooling or whatever). However, we are open to many considerations.

    I look forward to hearing from you,


    Caroline Redington

    >Good Morning,
    >>I have just perused your site and am writing to you on impulse.

    >>am a 53 year old woman,
    living on my own for the most part,
    reaching a time of looking within & without
    to create for myself a different way
    of living. My work background
    has been almost totally in the real estate field.

    received my real estate license at age 19 and since that time
    I have gone from secretary of a real estate office to owning
    (in partnership) a real estate brokerage firm, a real estate school
    (where we trained people for real estate careers
    offering pre-license classes and continuing education>
    >classes for licensed individuals) an appraisal company,
    retail mortgage brokering as an originator
    and also as branch manager of retail mortgage operations,
    for the past 7+ years as a wholesale lender.

    While I am well qualified in these areas of expertise, I find
    myself looking for more in these times of change on this planet
    to express my true gifts, not necessarily leaving my established
    talents, yet expressing them in away which can benefit humanity.

    My other side is as a healer, both hands-on
    as well as through energy healing
    and thru the use of pure essential oils
    as an aromatherapist,

    whcih bridges both healing & supporting
    the physical body as well as spiritual & emotional.

    At this time I find myself at a crossroads in my life
    and something triggered me to initiate this communication.

    I am not sure why, yet. I am allowing myself to begin this.

    Look forward to hearing from you

    Thank you!!
    dee hart

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