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  • now is a good time for many people in many places to move forward in life

    heal_12Greetings and good fortune to you, friends in Guerrero.
    The Healing Village project is a grand idea.  
    It has lots of potential and can be very powerful. 
    It seems to me that now is a good time for many people in many places 
    to move forward in life.  To move forward, I think one must let go 
    of the past... that part of the past that does not inspire, encourage and uplift. 
    Maybe we let that part of the past go by making peace with it...
    releasing old limiting thoughts and beliefs that hold us back... 
    so we can see the vista of new opportunities
    that open before our eyes.  Is that a part of healing?  What do you think?
    I can see from the navigation links you are constructing for the new
    Healing Village web site... and from information posted on the site... 
    that perhaps you haveplans for a well rounded approach to health and healing in The Healing Village. 
    I also see this, from whoever wrote the Healing Village ezine:  
    "The persons who come to live here will have chosen to participate 
    in this experimental approach to community.  
    /We intend to create what we need to make this project work."/
    That second sentence is a very clear and powerful statement of conscious
    creating. Conscious creation, I think, riveted to crystal clear intent, 
    is an absolutely essential core component of your success. 
    Such thinking is very impressive and sure to fill those phase one
    twenty-two spaces with just the right people and skills to ensure the success of your project.       
    While I have several questions, a mixture of general type questions
    which  I would like to ask at some time, allow me to ask just two right now.
    First, may I share three fundamentals of my own personal philosophy about health and healing?
    1. My working definition of health is "the state that exists when the
    body has everything in it the body needs and nothing in it the body does not need".  
    This implies we want to put nutrients in and take toxins out.  It is easy to see 
    that focus on air, water, soil, food production, diet and nutrition 
    along with various methods of handling toxins would be a natural part of health. 
    2. Physical signs and symptoms of sickness and disease have underlying
    mental and emotion causes.  All of us are vulnerable to memory... 
    inherited and personal experience... along with conditioned beliefs 
    and thinking we had no control over.  Learning to recognize and clear 
    what works against us... and enhance what works for us... seems to be 
    another natural part of health. 
    3. The outer world is a reflection of the inner world.  
    This is energy consciousness stuff, a little progressive for some people, 
    that has to do with changing one's situation and circumstances 
    by awakening to the personal power within each of us. 
    While that is a peek into my personal philosophy, 
    my primary training is in nutrition, chiropractic and naturopathy.  
    Complimentary training and work includes things like native american medicine,
    kinesiology, electro-acupuncture, herbs, lymphatic therapy, soft tissue work, essential oils, etc.
    I have said all that just to ask you my second question.
    How can I support you in your project right now from where I am? 
    Do you need articles posted on your web site or for your ezine about
    anything I am qualified to write about?
    Is there anyone there who would like to ask me questions or discuss any
    of these things with me?
    I am really proud of all of you involved in this and your other projects
    and will be glad to lend a hand in any way that I can.
    Hope, health and happiness.
    We are very pleased to have your help and collaboration and to publish your articles. Thank you.
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