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    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village





    a mission-oriented community* located in Taxco El Viejo Municipio de Taxco del Alarcon, Guerrero* the village is inviting up to 22 families to come and live among us

    * the colonists to be devoted to the healing arts or scientific research

    * an international community with the intention to help each other

    * each colonist will choose the family he or she wants to work with

    * the local families provide the land and houses for the project

    * the local families also provide the real-world know how

    * the local families are the joint venture partners of the colonists

    * the local families are the godparents of their children & visa versa

    * the migrants provide the monetary liquified from their previous life

    * the migrants live in security and peace among their friends and co-workers

    * beneficial arrangement for both the villagers and the colonists

    * qualifications : active work in nutrition, healing, or scientific research

    TAXCO EL VIEJO RESEARCH AND HEALING VILLAGEOur village of Taxco El Viejo is inviting a colony of foreigners to come live among us.

    We are remodeling the traditional houses in our town, or else we will build to suit you.

    We are friendly people and do welcome you; also seeing the advantages of combining

    our lives with fresh ideas, and new energy and opportunities for science and humanity.

    Taxco El Viejo is the sister village of Tecalpulco about 25 kilometers south of Taxco

    We have an old-fashioned community in many ways, greeting each other in the street.

    a natural healing community is in process of being established in our Taxco El Viejo;

    of health and research into ways to avoid disease and effective defense against viruses

    The persons who come to live here will have chosen to participate in this experimental

    approach to community. We intend to create what we need to make this project work.

    The idea is to introduce a community of friendly dedicated foreign individuals into

    our own traditional village situation in order to create a fertile place to investigate.

    We have properties because we are country people and all the land around here is ours.

    We have plenty of land, but land does not do us much good because we cant earn of it.

    We can make a good offer to you for a homestead property that comes with a caretaker

    family who will be friends of yours and helps you be sure that no harm comes your way.

    Easily, home town construction team will build your house exactly how you want it;

    or you can remodel and improve one of our traditional houses that are already built.

    200 men of Taxco El Viejo have migrated to the United States and made lives there,

    The effect of the labor migration of the men has made our village a sort of ghostown.

    You must come to Taxco El Viejo to see what I am talking about. We are so picturesque

    and have a mild climate, and it is safe here, as our community will provide your security.

    Thee are 22 spaces in the colony as it is conceived in the first phase; please contact me

    If you would be interested in coming here to view the situation at first hand and meet us.

    We are excited about this – to create a natural health and research center in our village;

    If you will consider coming to live in Mexico with us, we will be happy to receive you.


    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village

    Rancho Agua Bendita was founded by Henrik Schlumbach

    who came to live in this part of Guerrero Mexico in the 1940s.

    It was Henrik who invited the legendary silver creator

    William Spratling to move to Taxco El Viejo.

    Spratling’s Ranch is right next door to Rancho Agua Bendita

    When Henrik came here it was bare land.

    Three hectares with a little river running through it.

    With his hands Henrik built the two main houses

    and the ten bungaloes; he planted hundreds of kinds of trees;

    and he fire baked the ceramic dishes, hewed the furniture etc.

    There are no televisions. It is grass underneath your feet,

    like when you were a child. Really, it is a natural paradise.

    Henrik was 94years old in February 2005, and his wish

    is to share and make available this wonderful property

    as a legacy to those involved with alternative healing.

    Come and visit, you are welcome;

    the accomodations do have a modest rate

    If you desire you can have included your food,

    which is grown in the gardens


    Taxco El Viejo Research and Healing Village
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