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  • The Heart Of A Healing Village… Through Distant Eyes

    02healingvillagev3The Heart Of A Healing Village… Through Distant Eyes
    by DocMercer

    There’s a little country village down in south central Mexico called “The Healing Village”.

    It’s a special place. It’s more than just an ordinary country village.

    It’s a story… a living story… that’s being written in real time… one day at a time, as the story unfolds.

    It’s a story about heart and courage; about change, challenges and coping.
    It’s a story about conquering compromise with compassion, faith and wisdom.

    It’s a story about taking personal power back.

    I’m reading this story from a world away, in one way,
    and from the heart of the story in another.

    I say that because of where I am physically located right now

    and because of my perspective, based on what I discern
    of the people involved, their land, their spirit, their situation…
    and my knowledge of healing.

    There are two main plots in this story. One is obvious.

    The other is hidden away, like buried treasure, submerged in the story.

    There’s a clue in the name, “The Healing Village”.

    Perched on the side of a mountain almost 6,000 feet up, Taxco El Viejo,

    The Healing Village, is said to be the original site of Taxco, a larger,
    busier and more commercial city a short distance north.
    While the area is rich is history dating back centuries,
    Taxco El Viejo is essentially the result of mining.

    As often happens, the mines played out and the miners

    pulled out to exploit a find to the north, hence the rise of Taxco.
    They left behind a blemish on the land,
    contaminated ground water and a little country village to fend for itself.

    The Healing Village has often felt the fickle hand of economic fate since.

    More recently, in the last thirty years or so, two economic-based situations
    have had an even more profound impact on the area.

    A declining international market for the splendid jewelry crafted there

    ended a relative financial prosperity streak in the early 1990s.

    Since that decline, a large percentage of the men from Taxco El Viejo

    joined the massive northern migration in search of greener pastures.
    This left a little country village along with its women and children to fend for themselves.

    So what has come of all that?

    Is all that what it has taken to awaken “The Healing Village”

    to a sense of purpose eminently more stable,
    reliable and sustainable than total dependence on external economic forces?

    Have the people of that little country village taken a conscious step at taking their power back?

    Right now it appears to these distant eyes that Taxco El Viejo,

    The Healing Village, and her sister village, Tecalpulco,
    are poised to set about healing their soil and their psyche.

    Maybe their conscious intention at present is simply to gather

    a community of legitimate alternative health disciplines
    and qualified researchers to serve the surrounding
    community directly and make a greater contribution indirectly.

    Whatever the extent of their conscious focus at the moment,

    their intentions and actions will lead to greater understanding and opportunity.
    They have initiated more than a village of healers.
    They have actively begun a profound healing.

    The Healing Village can serve as a model of practical spirituality for daily living…

    a welcome light for these darkened days of turbulence and economic troubles.

    I sincerely appreciate these people and fully endorse the “Healing Village” project.

    Be hopeful, healthy and happy.



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