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  • Rancho Agua Bendita

    Rancho Agua Bendita

    Rancho Agua Bendita was founded by Henrik Schlumbach
    who came to live in this part of Guerrero Mexico in the 1940s.
    It was Henrik who invited the legendary silver creator
    William Spratling to move to Taxco El Viejo.
    Spratling’s Ranch is right next door to Rancho Agua Bendita

    When Henrik came here it was bare land.
    Three hectares with a little river running through it.
    With his hands Henrik built the two main houses
    and the ten bungaloes; he planted hundreds of kinds of trees;
    and he fire baked the ceramic dishes, hewed the furniture etc.
    There are no televisions. It is grass underneath your feet,
    like when you were a child. Really, it is a natural paradise.

    Henrik was 94years old in February 2005, and his wish
    is to share and make available this wonderful property
    as a legacy to those involved with alternative healing.

    Come and visit, you are welcome;
    the accomodations do have a modest rate.
    If you desire, you can have included your food,
    which is grown in the gardens on the grounds.

    Rancho Agua Bendita is an outpost
    of the Taxco El Viejo Healing Village,
    a beautiful and natural place where
    a visitor can arrive and get to know
    the surroundings and meet people.

    The colony will be in the village itself;
    each one of the colonists will have
    the local family that he or she has chosen
    as his or her guide and collaborator.

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