Revolution 2006 - Day of the Mexican Revolution, Taxco, Guerrero.

Leyva Elementary School of TaxcoMexican Revolutionaries of 2006

The Revolutionary Mexican Women of 2006

Here is Pancho Villa, Emiliano Zapata and Francisco Madero, three heroes of the Mexican Revolution.
In the background is a banner for a junior Silver Queen; the annual Silver Fair was inaugurated last night.

Thousand of schoolchildren and spectators, all of them Tasqueñans,
voluntarily participate in the celebration of the Mexican Revolution.

Here comes the representatives of the Vicente Guerrero Preparatory School.
( Vicente Guerrero is another heroic historical figure from the previous War for Independence.)

Emiliano Zapata, the campesino leader of the agrarian movement in the next-door State of Morelos.

Here come the girls dressed in traditional folkloric costume and bearing the flag of Mexico.

Francisco I Madero, the tragic mystic who set off the Mexican Revolution, and who was sacrificed to it.

Folkloric Dancers.

These young musicians are singing and playing Raful Krayem's (1909-1929) "Taxco de Mis Amores"

The dark maid comes mounted on a pretty horse, passing in front of the Silver Miner Statue

The students are performing acrobatic exercises. Juniour Silver Queen banners are in the background.

Boys aboard a parade float from one of the schools. Silver Queen candidate banner behind.

Centro de Bachilleres Technical School contingent. DCeTi contingent.

Acrobatic demonstrations by the schoolboys.

One of the candidate Silver Fair Queens


Drum and Bugle Corps

Students from the Netzahuacoyotl School.

20 de Noviembre Mexican Revolution Day 2006

Here are more pictures taken at the Leyva Elementary School in Taxco, this morning....
Emiliano Zapata, Francisco Madero, Venustiano Carranza

Soldadedras de la Revolucion Mexicana 2006

The Mexican Revolutionaries of Leyva Elementry School
"Viva Mexico! Viva La Revolucion"!"