Music of Guerrero

Rodeo Singer Raquel Perez Arrested


These shots of Raquel are from 2009
Her many fans will remember those
fantastic performances in Mayanatlán
where she enchanted the rodeo public
with her unforgetable renditiones
of “Besame Mucho” y “Las Mañanitas”

Raquel was saying her last
good-bye to the United States.

Good-bye to friends and family in Phoenix Arizona
where she had been living and working past years.

It was early March of 2017 and just about to travel
to her home in Mexico a small village in Guerrero.

She returned a fateful overdue library book!
she was removed from the library in handcuffs
and could not even call her daughter
to tell he she could NOT pick her up!

Raquel performs at the 16th of September celebration in Taxco,

Just about everybody in Raquel’s family
has been to the United States since her own
grandfather went there many times to work
in the nineteen-fifites. And so too the father,
the uncles, the cousins, brothers and so forth,
yet also, many of the Perez Arias women have
gone to Arizona and Chicago over the years
to work in cake bakeries, factories, restaurants,
as domestic servants. All of this has been by
the normal way purchasing passage over the
border near Nogales. Raquel is the mother
of five year old, Talia, born in Phoenix.

Raquel married in Phoenix
and she was just about to return
home at the pleading invitation of her aunt and her nieces.

But no! She couldn’t just not return the library book.

She just had to return it.

Now she is is USA federal prison
and her family has not been able to see her.

They have to make an appointment
with the prison office to see her.

They could only see her
at a distance across a yard.
Like in a Dostoyevski novel
when the prisoners are leaving
for siberia, she turned around
at the last second, and even though
the family members were behind
a cyclone wire wall at a great distance
she recognized them at once, amazing!
the family members were shaken
becasue Raquel has always been a religious girl
and believer in holy miracles and it seemed to them
that she would be convinced
that her seeing and recognizing them
from so far away had to be a miracle
and so they went away with the form
they have to fill out on the internet
to obtain an interview with the prison
administration in order to see Raquel
and speak with her; meanwhile,the daughter is
cared for by aunts and her cousins in Phoenix.

You can help a great deal!

Help our campaign for Raquel to get her released
sooner, by directing some letters and postcards
to her address in the prison so her guardians know
she has people who care for her. So please, if you will only
do for us Raquel, we, ourselves, will be your great friends,
so, please, stand yourself ready until we get her address!

Stay tuned to fall in on
the emergency live webinar marathon
for the benefit of Raquel;
this unique event begins
as soon as we can pull together
the required technologies,

Meanwhile, please go ahead
to this web-site
to find out if the
Marathon Live Webinar Event
in Support of Raquel Perez
has begun yet becasue her loved ones
are not going to stop
until we know she is safe
and home with her family
that cares for her and loves her.

Raquel in Prison Marathon
Live Webinar Event;

Locations: Phoenix
Arizona, Guerrero México

the emergency live webinar marathon for Raquel

Raquel in Prison Marathon
Live Webinar Event;

Locations: Phoenix Arizona,
Guerrero México


Music of Guerrero Mexico


cuerdas de taxco – daniel, miguel, nino

The music of Guerrero Mexico, the northern part where the Emiliano Zapatista revolutionaries used to hide out .

The Amazing Music of Guerrero México

These are significant trends in the amazing music of Guerrero México

mexican folk music

Los Hilgueros; mexican village musicians

has its own traditional “son” tradition, known as “Son Guerrerense,” which has a violin lead, with guitar and percussion for the rhythm section. The son music from Tierra Caliente is very closely related to this. “Gustos” are another very popular song form here, and these are played at half-tempo (in relation to the sones). Violinist Juan Reynoso is a renowned interpreter of the music from this region.
Many musical bands sound comes from Norteño music by way ofMichoacan, yet also the rich folk music tradition of this backcountry mountaneous state informs original compositions (ex. Modesta Ayala). The Jaripeo is a most powerful influence on Guerrero banda music today. Jaripeos are the popular local musical bullriding events featuring young bullriders, a 12+ piece brass band, cattle hands, rodeo announcer, dancing, clowns, families, kids, village officials, and drunks. Top Bandas in northern Guerrero are Autoridad de la Sierra, La Banda Dominguera, Los Indomables. Typical professional village bands would be Santa Cecilia (Axixintla) and La Rancherita (Tecalpulco)
In every town and city in Guerrero, musicians play for money. An old blind fiddler led by a grandson, or a trio with two guitars and an accordion. The music coming up from the rocky valleys of mineral Guerrero deriving from Spanish ballads with a heavy frontier admixture. Still today rural musiscans gather for all-night stylized musical jam sessions of “bolas” and “corridos”. These are both folk verse renditions of traditional vocal and guitar expressions. The musical trios that proliferate in the streets and popular markets of Guerrero perform songs of venerable composition.
“With both western and prehispanic musical heritage, emerges a sonorous phenomenon transcendental for America. This had and has a significance of great importance for the development of the villages. With the ferocious and pitiless conquest, takes place a combination of rape by force and home invasion generating new structures. In the case of band music, a group of instruments or a combination of metals, percussions, woods…” [1]
“One of the most extended genres of America and especially in Mexico is the corrido; whats more it is the county where its diffusion reaches surprising ranges…” “In Guerrero and particularly in the zone of Zapatista influence[2] Michoacan, Morelos, State of Mexico, Puebla, Oaxaca, the corrido reaches creative dimensions without comparison in the mexican popular lyric. Work that is awaiting the specialists.”

The traditional trio songs (guitar, trumpet, violin, two voices) that perform
the classic songs of the countryside, some compositions go back to the golden
period of the 1930’s the years of the immortal Taxco composer, Raful Krayem.

The big band sound that played at the popular jaripeo bullriding fiestas;
this music is derived from 19th Century polka band influences that sifted
through the red-hot Mexican culture and joined with the traditional band music
played at Mexican Saints Days fiestas, civic parades, weddings, 15-year parties,
popular music performed by colorful dance troupes at community celebrations.

What marks apart modern music of Guerrero is its striking originality
and relative independence from influences of mass-media music.

Guerrero is still a wild and rugged place and the vitality of the musical
product of this region demonstrates that these people have not been tamed.

real natural music coming out of the country.

The big bands play songs of romantic love in a variety of outrageous poses.
Talking to one’s ex-love in a bottle is one theme; frontier valor is another.

Trios perform the folk songs of forever such as Modesta Ayala. Composition
is of classical structure, the poetic and musical themes are expertly integrated.
The songs are never one-dimensional; inevitably, they turn on ironic suggestion.

taxco guerrero mexico

rabbit stone paving Taxco Guerrero

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English Language Edition Music of Guerrero

Raful Krayem

Edicion Español Musica de Guerrero



The most Beautiful Mexican Traditional Abalone Jewelry.
Mexican Abalone Jewelry is a classic fashion jewelry product created in the villages of Taxco de Alarcón, Guerrero, México. This is the jewelry that took over the fashion world in the nineteen-seventies and nineteen-eighties. 

Cuerdas de Taxco, from the steep stone paved streets

You will find an English-language translation just below:

“Cuerdas de Taxco” (Chords of Taxco) es un trio en el estilo clasico
de composicion folclorica. Los musicos son amigos viejos, nuestros vecinos,
quienes se conocen y han tocado musica juntos por mas de 50 años.

Ellos tocan sus propias composiciones y tambien tocan musica
del famoso Raful Krayem’s (1909-1939) “Taxco de Mis Amores”,
“El Jumilero”, Muñequita Mia”, Camioncito Flecha Roja”,
y “Adios Mi Juventud”, Te Vi Juguetear (Con Las Olas Del Mar),
El que Carga El Morral, y otros

Estas son composiciones exquisitas con mucha poesia
combinadas con ritmo y melodia. Esta musica esta hecha
con dos guitarras, dos voces,
%u2026 en algunas canciones, un violin y en algunas otras una trompeta.

“Cuerdas de Taxco” (Chords of Taxco) is a local musical trio
in the classical style of folk composition.
They have known each other since childhood
and have been playing music together for more than 50 years,
performing their own compositions as well as traditional music
of Taxco’s own Raful Krayem’s unforgettable
“Taxco de Mis Amores”, “El Jumilero”,
Muñequita Mia”, Camioncito Flecha Roja”,
and “Adios Mi Juventud”, “Corazon Cobarde”
“Te Vi Juguetear (Con Las Olas del Mar)”,

(Taxco of My Loves), (The Jumil Bug) (My Little Doll), (Little Red Autobus),
Goodbye My Youth), (I Saw You Playing With the Waves of the Sea),
El Que Carga El Morral (He Who Carries the Sack)

These are exquisite compositions with ever apt ironic poetry
combined with perfected rythmic and melodic arrangements.

This lovely music features two guitars, two voices,
in some songs, a violin, in some songs, a trumpet…

The real natural music coming out of the country.
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